On august 24th 2009, Cornelia Petroiu met the composer Dan VOICULESCU, in order to receive from him the newly finished score of Trilobat. He was as charming as ever, and they established to meet again the following week: there were details to discuss about, as there always are when premieres are involved. She didn’t know that it was for the  last time that she saw him, and his death, five days after, overwhelmed her with sadness. The emotional communication that had been established between them, of which this piece was the proof, was, and still is, a cherished memory to her. Here are some words adressed to her in his 2.10.2008 email:

Your Highness,

I must confess that the Mirabila Viola CD, which I’ve listened several times to yesterday, impressed me exceedingly ! I understood that Iancu Dumitrescu’s words had not been the result of mere kindness, with a touch of irony, as I had supposed, but there was about a clairvoyant intuition. All the works dedicated to Your Highness are expressive and very special, and the way you play makes this music really enjoyable. Technically impeccable, creative – in spite of the utmost difficulties -, the comprehension of the compositional gestures, flawless aesthetic good taste, the capacity of persuation. A superiority of which Your Highness may be really proud, for it is a great achievement! Therefore, I come in front of Your Highness, with a bow and a flower.

The humble servant of Your Highness,


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