Cornelia Petroiu

Cornelia Petroiu graduated the Music Conservatory in Bucharest and deepened her musical studies at Interlochen-Michigan and Weimar-Germany. Later on, in Paris-CIFAP, she became familiar to Pro Tools software, as a sound editor. A classical music performer at the beginning, she became totally involved in the contemporary music.Cornelia Petroiu has been inspiring composers of various tendencies and countries, who composed for her, up to now, over 150 works which she premiered. Cornelia Petroiu is extending the sphere of the musical expression by recording and post-producing herself most of her instrumental performances.


Starting as a “classical” performer of the contemporary music, Cornelia Petroiu has become the “contemporary” performer of the contemporary music.


Concerts to come, participation in festivals, recording sessions, CD launch? All needed details are to be.


Photography is the science, art and practice intended to make the moment last forever.


Live videos from concerts are the most reliable witnesses, whom one cannot deceive.


Non-compressed musical items of an excellent audio quality, result of Cornelia Petroiu’s work as a performer and sound-editor.


Communicating, sharing, interacting is easy nowadays. Here you may send an e-mail to Cornelia Petroiu.