Studies and professional practice

  • Viola section of the Ciprian Porumbescu Music Conservatory in Bucharest, graduated in 1982 as promotion leader
  • PRO TOOLS 101 Certificate of Completion, of the Centre International de Formation Audiovisuelle et de Production (CIFAP) in Montreuil, France (2009)
  • The Music High School Dinu Lipatti  in Bucharest (1978)
  • International Music Camp, Interlochen, Michigan, viola and chamber music courses, and also a member of the World Youth Symphony Orchestra (1975)
  • Weimar summer courses (1976)
  • Member of the Ploiesti Symphony Orchestra (1982-1986)
  • Member of the Viola section of the George Enescu Philarmonic Orchestra  (starting 1986)
  • Member of the National Orchestra in Sao Paolo, Brasil (1997)


  • Francis Bundra (National Music Camp Interlochen, Michigan, 1975)
  • Rudolf Nel (Summer courses in Weimar, 1976)
  • Valeriu Pitulac (Ciprian Porumbescu Conservatory in Bucharest, 1978-1982)
  • Wilhelm Georg Berger, composer and viola player (1980-1982)

Artistic activity

After son debut, at the age of 6, she constantly had concerts as a solist and also as a member of diverse chamber music algorithms, in Romania, France, Turkey, Ukraine, Japan, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark etc.

Participation in Music Festivals

Coordinator of cultural projects

As a General Representative of the Fundatia Kientzy, Romanian juridic personality since 2003, Cornelia Petroiu has coordinated several cultural projects, all of them financed by the Romanian Ministry of Culture:
  • DoReMiFaSol La Sibiu, project for Sibiu, Cultural European Capital -2007
  • Trois hypostases de la création musicale Roumaine (2007), which had as a result a number of 3 CDs :
    • Mirabila Viola – Cornelia Petroiu, solo Viola
    • Résonances triangulaires – solist, the Trio-Alto
    • Kientzy interprète Vieru – Daniel Kientzy, solo saxophones
  • proMOZICA (2007), starring the Trio proMOZICA (Cornelia Petroiu-viola, Daniel Kientzy-saxophones, Reina Portuondo-acoustician)
  • Echo Memo (2008), starring the Trio proMOZICA

 Chamber music

  • Pro Musica and Brio, two string quartets, and also FlautArchi (flute, violin, viola and cello), dedicated to the classical music repertoire
  • Trio-Alto (Cornelia Petroiu-viola, Daniel Kientzy-saxos, Mihail Virtosu-piano), dedicated its activity to the avant-garde contemporary music
  • Metaduo, Cornelia Petroiu – acoustician, Daniel Kientzy – saxophones
  • Hyperion, modular group for the avant-garde contemporary music, directed by the composers Iancu Dumitrescu and Ana-Maria Avram
  • devotioModerna, conducted by the lady composer Carmen Cârneci
  • ModernArt, conducted by the composer Bogdan Voda
  • Traiect, conducted by the composer Sorin Lerescu
  • proContemporania

Sound Editor

After 2005, Cornelia Petroiu started familiarising herself with the audio editing and postproduction of the audio recordings. She is among the very few performers  working upon their recordings, for achieving the best audio results. The audio editing of her CD, Mirabila Viola, was entirely the result of her work as a acoustician.
This is not the only example, but also the Résonances triangulaires  CD of the Trio-Alto and some of the Trio proMOZICA and Daneil Kientzy’s recordings. In 2009 she obtained the PRO TOOLS 101 Certificate of Completion,  of the Centre International de Formation Audiovisuelle et de Production (CIFAP) in Montreuil, France. This document is attesting her expertise in working with Pro Tools, the most comprehensive tool of the audio professionals, all over the world.

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